If Craigslist is like Wal-Mart for human trafficking, we each have an important decision to make.


Right now I’m looking to buy a bike, sell a kid’s toy and find a water table for my son. I admit, the easiest, most convenient way is to click on Craigslist. According to today’s CNN report, about 50 million Americans use the site “for everything from buying used lawn furniture to finding a job or a roommate.”

Unfortunately, the things I like to buy are not all that’s available on Craigslist. It’s also used to sell sex.

In fact, Andrea Powell of the anti-trafficking group The FAIR Fund states: “Craigslist is like the Wal-Mart of online sex trafficking right now in this country .” She adds: “Most of the young women we’ve worked with who have been exploited online talk about Craigslist.”

That’s where I come in. I care about human trafficking, but do I care enough to change my online habits?

I do. So I’m making a decision: I refuse to use Craigslist until they shut down their adult services section. I may not have the ear of Craig Newmark, but I can use my own life to take a stand. I also know Craigslist isn’t the only online marketplace for young girls, but it’s on my bookmarks, which means I can make a difference by not going there. I hope you will join me and also spread the word on your blog, twitter and facebook.

It seems like a small sacrifice compared to the impact on a life every time a girl is sold.

Check out the full CNN report here: Sold on Craigslist: Critics say sex ad crackdown inadequate – CNN.com.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.

  • http://saladin128.wordpress.com Saladin

    Craigslist is a terrific resource that made many things easier. If that ease is going to come at the expense or exploitation of another, particularly a young woman or child, forget it. Make things hard again and let some innocents stay innocent. Salaam.

    • http://www.idelette.com idelette

      Thank you! Salaam.