If I forget them, I will become just a man without feelings, just a man who is using a very precious life in vain.


Meet Serghey, a staff member at ESCAPE magazine in Moldova. This pop culture magazine is published to educate and protect youth in Moldova, one of the greatest source countries for human trafficking in Eastern Europe. I love this “Out of the Box” tool, featured in Love146.org’s Fall Update. And what Serghey has to say resonates deeply: He has turned the stories and pain of his family and friends into powerful Action.

“Lots of my friends and relatives began to leave Moldova to go abroad to work. I realized that my very close relative was one of them (a victim of trafficking). She lied to me so many times about what she had done abroad but she had been entrapped and sold by her best friend while abroad but was eventually rescued. (The conversation) was just twenty minutes and then her soul closed and she never talked about it again…

Since working at ESCAPE magazine, all the people I’ve met have felt on their skin the story of human trafficking. They have influenced me.

The numbers and stats are empty but when you see the real person you understand that this person suffered a lot, they continue to live with their past all of those awful nights and days and all of those faces they’ve seen. I’ve been provided with this opportunity to see their eyes and to know these people. I have to remember them because

via Out of the Box | Fall Update 2010 | Love146.org.

  • Tina

    Dang..I need to find me a Serghey to marry…sigh…Guess I’m saving up for Moldova. Just kidding.

    On a more serious note…scary that it happened to a family member. The enemy just gets closer and closer. If six degrees of separation holds true… all of us are eventually going to be separated by 6 people to a victim or perpetrator of human trafficking… *shudder*