If You Are a Woman in Body


Embodied Woman GraphicIf you are a woman in a body, alive at this time in history, you need to come.

If you know anything about a SheLoves event, you will know that it’s not an ordinary conference or a gathering. Something very special happens at every SheLoves gathering. The Spirit of God shows up.

We are a tribe of women who are committed to following the lead of the Spirit of God. We watch where God is working and we join God. And so, this was not just a good idea. This was not just us sitting one day thinking, O we should have a conference and why not talk about embodiment? And throw in some faith and feminism while we’re at it.


This has been a journey and an unfolding. There has been prayer and checking in all along the way. It started with a desire to create space for women’s voices, as we do on SheLoves. Then I was introduced to Hillary McBride and there was a beautiful kinship. We spent time talking and laughing and being deeply honest with each other.

I introduced her to our team and they loved her. Then one day, during another Zoom conversation, we prayed and explored and there was a moment when the Light went on. It was like a powerful awareness that this was something taking shape not only in our hearts and imaginations, but this was something that the Spirit was inviting us into. We understood that this was something so much larger than ourselves. And so we took deep breaths, and we trusted and stepped out on to the water.

We decided to create an event: The Embodied Woman: Exploring the Intersection of Faith and Feminism

This is all an act of trust and faith in the God of the Universe who loves the daughters of the Universe so so much. And if there’s anything I long for that day, it would be that each and every one of us would get a glimpse and a taste of just how much God loves us, frees us and empowers us. As women. As daughters. As mothers. As women in bodies that have endured a whole lot of stuff that we don’t always talk about. As women who move and have our being in spaces in this world.

Another thing: If you don’t know what a SheLoves event is like, let me tell you a little bit about it.

It is like we call forth all the Light and the goodness and the best that is within us and in the world around us and we gather in one place. It is not a formulaic gathering. This is about the Spirit going ahead and preparing a place for us. It’s about about heart and mind. And bodies.

We create a physical space that will invite women to relax, take off our layers and layers of hiding and become more of who we already are.

Space matters to us. That’s why Open Door Church is such a perfect fit. This is a beautiful space with light, wood and heart. The people who fill that space during the week are good people who live out their name—they open their doors to the community and they choose and seek Love.

It’s also a gorgeous physical space. Windows, wood, breathing room. Not big. It’s intimate. But not scary intimate. open-door-venue-front-1-e1489482825580

Shaley, our SheLoves Events team leader, has a gift to warm up a place. It’s what’s in her to do. She has such warmth within her and she creates physical spaces that invite others into that warmth.

So, once we are settled into the space, we choose our words carefully.

We know words matter.

We choose words that build up. Connect, Create safety. Create community. Sisterhood. We choose words that will set free and ignite. We choose words that pierce.

The women who are asked to speak are not just random, because they have big followings. Each one of them is a stunning person. They are thoughtful, but even more than that, I would say with each one of these women, you are safe to be your full self. She will call you on your nonsense. She may even pierce you, but in the kind, good way that helps set us free. These women have walked intentional journeys of finding language, curating ideas, becoming steeped in Truth, so they can shed light for others. 

These women are not random. These speakers are not random. We prayerfully listen, ask, connect and watch.

But here’s another thing I have learned: The speakers matter, but they are not the end all, be all. Your presence matters in this space. 

if you have been to ANY of our gatherings, you will know that it’s not just about what happens on the stage. It is about what is happening in the room. When you are there, you bring your light and truth, your wisdom and insight, your pain and your joy and you help shape the conversation.

You are not a cog in a wheel of a conference. You are not a ticket holder. You are part of the BODY of a conversation. 

Your presence matters. It is how we all rise together.

Now, let’s talk about the ticket price. Yes, it’s not a coffee at Starbucks. Or even 3 coffees at Starbucks. It’s an investment.

It costs us more to create these kinds of events, because we don’t have the infrastructure of a settled community. Rose worked out the budget and for us to pay the speakers some honorarium plus offer some coffee and muffins and pay insurance and the cleaner and the many things that go into putting on an event in a physical space, this is what we need to charge. There’s not any huge markup. SheLoves is not walking away and team members are taking vacations to Hawaii with the earnings. Nope. We are a ministry that is on the edge and so, as with all new things, it still costs us more.

We only have a limited amount of seats. So, by buying your ticket, you are helping to create the day and a half. You are part of creating a the new wineskin for this new day. 

We are setting up a conversation–with warmth, fierceness, honesty, wisdom, knowledge, humour and LOVE. It will be powerful and beautiful. We also know: where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom. So, there’s that.

I hope you will join us.


PS: You can get your tickets here.

PPS: If you buy your tix before Feb 1, you are entered into a draw to win a copy of Hillary’s book, as well as some other really great prizes. Check out the contest here.

  • sandyhay

    My heart is so there :). Any chance this could be streamed…for a fee…like the Jesus conference?

  • HillaryLMcBride

    This is so beautiful. Everytime I read something you’ve written I feel deeper, more grounded.