I Am a Jesus Feminist


Today is the International Day of the Girl Child. The Girl Declaration is powerful and beautiful and I posted it on facebook and tweeted it out a few days ago. But today, I am making another kind of declaration and it fits completely with this day.

It needs to, because right here is where my faith hits the blood and dust of the reality of women in our world. (Did you know stoning is legal or practiced in at least 15 countries or regions globally? Whatttttt? ) If Jesus doesn’t care about this, then I couldn’t follow this Jesus. But I know he does.

It’s Jesus who opened my eyes and whispered, My heart breaks for the women of the world. Does yours?

And I can still remember the day when this leapt off the page: For I, the Lord, love justice. -Isaiah 61:8

Today I am declaring myself a Jesus Feminist, because while I am so excited for the Malalas of our world to rise up, I am concerned for the women and girls in pews who hear she is not as capable or as dependable. That Eve in her may mess up again. Sigh. That she should be silent and listen and learn and not teach. That she should submit.

I am all for beautiful mutual submission–becoming servants of the highest good in each other–but I’ve had enough of skewed  submission language clubbing our girls into a distorted picture of the heart of God.


Sarah Bessey has created the perfect name for this rising tide of faith-questing women and men who’ve had enough of diminishing and silencing. Her book, Jesus Feminist, lands on November 5 and I pre-ordered it as soon as it was on Amazon.

It means we know this Jesus as a liberator of women. We know this Jesus who spends time with women, calls us out of shame and hiding right into beautiful, spacious freedom, and compels us to go and tell good news.

Last week Sarah started a community-sourced photo project, asking us to join and write out a statement: “I am _____ and I am a Jesus Feminist” and then take a picture of ourselves.

Last night, we took paper and sharpies at LifeGroup and several of us wrote our statements. I came home and sent it to Sarah for her Jesus Feminist facebook page wall.

Yes, Jesus has made a feminist out of me–a woman who believes that men and women, boys and girls are equal and partners in this world.

photo 2I am a globalgirl, a wife, an African mama, a warrior, an immigrant and a nu ren (woman) and I am a Jesus Feminist.

Let this global sisterhood of ordinary women who love Jesus and justice rise and rise and rise.

  • http://www.emergingmummy.com/ Sarah Bessey

    I love you so much. Thank you for, well, everything, but especially for YOU.

  • Sarah Silvester

    This is amazing Idelette. “I am all for beautiful mutual submission–becoming servants of the highest good in each other–but I’ve had enough of skewed submission language clubbing our girls into a distorted picture of the heart of God.” Yes.

    • http://idelette.com idelette

      Thank you so much, Sarah!

  • Bev Murrill

    Totally speaks to me… it’s time for a change.

    • http://idelette.com idelette

      I am grateful for how you lead and encourage and pave the way, Bev. xo

  • carameredith.com

    I love it, Idelette – and can we pretty please meet in person someday?

    • http://idelette.com idelette

      I’d love that, Cara! Just let me know when you come Vancouver way, k?

  • http://www.caramichelestrickland.wordpress.com/ Cara Strickland

    I love this, and I love you, Idelette. I’m excited about what God is doing, stirring up so many hearts in this same way.

    • http://idelette.com idelette

      Thank you, Cara! Yes, this is a good trajectory … so good. Thankful we get to be here together.

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  • Linda Freeman

    I love it! I agree!! Thank you for this post!!

    • http://idelette.com idelette

      Yay! Thank you for being here, Linda!

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