Just when you think you've known Loss.


“In May 2005, the Zimbabwean government embarked on a massive, highly systematic programme of demolitions of all informal housing in urban and peri-urban areas across Zimbabwe. Combined with a total clampdown on the informal trading sector, including the destruction of official vending areas and confiscation of all wares, Operation Murambatsvina (OM), or “Drive out the Filth” caused direct havoc in the lives of millions. The sheer scale and thoroughness of OM set it apart from previous demolitions, not just in Zimbabwe, but in Africa.”

Just when I think I know what it means to lose something, I am reminded of this story. Let’s not forget.

Check out this report by Solidarity Peace Trust:

A Fractured Nation: Operation Murambatsvina – five years on | Solidarity Peace Trust.

(HT, Braam Hanekom.)

Question: When you think of Loss, what comes to mind? When have you experienced your greatest sense of Loss?