Let the Freedom Songs Rise


We put on FreedomThis is a generation built on a Hope and a glimpse of Glory
A generation with fire in our souls
Service in our strength
Grace in our weakness
And water that brings healing and quenching and makes Way for the Freedom of the Lord

For the Freedom of the Lord to come.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.
Come, Lord Jesus, come..

We are a generation built with Future in our hearts
We are a generation on the edges of Understanding,
embarking into a new world

You, me, us, we are a generation
Called out, loved, fully graced, extraordinarily unleashed
For the Glory that is to come.

No pressure, right?
No pressure.

We take off the pressure.
We take off the expectation.
We take off the burdens.
We put on Freedom.

We take off the guilt and the shame,
And we put on Freedom

We take off Fear
And we put on Freedom

We take off Scarcity
And we put on Freedom

There is enough
There is enough
There is enough

We are a generation, crafted, designed, created, IMAGINED
Before the creation of the Earth
Before elections, and ISIS and Tesla and wifi and Snapchat and before every like and every text message

You, me, us, we were imagined
And Loved
And o, so Loved.

We, this generation of Hope and Freedom and Transformation
Were knit together in our Mother’s womb

Let us be Multiplied.

When others weaponize water
May we weaponize LOVE
When others say, O God is in control
And wash hands of the blood of our own decisions
We say, God is Sovereign,
We are free to choose
AND we are making the choices for FREEDOM.


By Idelette McVicker. Created for the youth at Pitch and Praise 2017.