Life's Blender Moments. Or: what NOT to do with clean carpets.


Last night I had, in the words of Esther Shu, one of Life’s blender moments. You know, when you get tossed in the blender and someone flips the switch to High.

We had lots of errands to run on Day Two of being back in full Mommy Mode. Drop off. Pick up. Take dog to the vet. Another drop off. Loads of laundry in-between. Pick up. Another pick up. And many other stops into the late afternoon. Check my @foursquare history. You’ll concur.

We also had our carpets cleaned yesterday. From top to bottom. Whole house.

So when we got home around 7:30pm, after the final shop at Costco for more towels and medium cheddar (the first batch of family are scheduled to arrive tonight from South Africa) I had a moment of just enjoying the white, crisp sense of clean carpets everywhere. That beautiful moment of serenity when things are so … clean.

The kids, however, were excited, because furniture was still in unusual spots and they wanted to play hide and seek. Gabrielle, my six-year-old, was particularly excited. Let’s just say that. So we have a little ritual now that when she gets highly energetic like that–especially on rainy days–I simply say to her: It’s time for jumping jacks, sweetheart. And I give her a number. Ten jumping jacks; sometimes 20 jumping jacks. It all just depends on the level of energy she needs to burn off.

Last night I challenged Gabrielle’s energy level to 40 jumping jacks.

She loves our little ritual and she eagerly did the jacks.

When accidents happen

I was still unloading the Costco car, however, so I didn’t pay too much attention to her and her exercise. Until she came up to me and said, “Mommy, I accidentally … ”

“You accidentally what, Gabrielle?”

Turns out, in her words, that she burped and then accidentally … threw up. All over the fresh carpet. A lovely ketchup-coloured spot right in the living room, in front of the stairs. (Those who know my girl, also knows she throws up rather easily.)

I confess, I didn’t pass the Mommy test right then, because I did care more about the state of the carpet in that particular moment than about Gabrielle’s. I didn’t yell, but I was annoyed. I got water ready, towels, soap and started cleaning. The three little ones still wanted attention on each of their various very random but important 2-6-year-old concerns. It was a little much for me and I asked them, kindly but firmly, to give me five minutes to just be by myself. Please. I even set the timer on the oven.

It wasn’t two minutes into my moment of solitude, pouring boiling water onto the stained area, when Shay came downstairs. He had taken off his clothes and his diaper and told me he had a poopy diaper. “Come, Mommy!” he beckoned.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect walking up the stairs behind his little naked bum. I only knew it could potentially be really really bad.

So there it was: his diaper lying on the floor in his bedroom and a lovely deposit right next to it. On the carpet.

Shay proudly pointed me to “the situation” and talked me through the event.

Two big carpet moments in our home within 10 minutes of each other. Someone had set the blender on High and kneeling down, cleaning up the second mess, I finally got that it was rather funny.

Today it might even be hilarious.

  • Tina

    Hats off beautiful girl. So many balls in the air. Balls of all different sizes and colours. It reminds me of one of multi-coloured ball mosh pits in the kids play areas. Again….HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

    Glad that you have found “the funny” in the moment. Even more impressed that you found a way to blog about. And if that wasn’t enough ‘foursquare’ really?

    *shaking my head in disbelief*

    I especially love that I know your little ones and your home. I just saw the whole story unfold so visually in head as I read it.

    *bowing to the Proverbs 2.0 woman that you are*

  • Sharlynne Pickering

    reading this was a laugh out loud moment for me for sure as I could just see it all unfolding as if I were right there, and yes what else could you do in the moment, I would say laughing was the best option!
    Well done Idelette:)