Tonight we had a simple birthday celebration for Gwen, my mother-in-law, here at Linwood House. There were a handful of us around the family dinner table. Low-key. Gwen doesn’t like to fuss over birthdays too much.

Dorothea, Gwen’s sister, made smoked salmon pasta. It was lemony and delicious with fresh herbs from the garden. We tossed a salad and sliced soft French bread. I’d baked a quick chocolate cake–my kids simply can’t imagine any birthday without cake–and, by Gwen’s request, Robyn made her famous peanut butter icing. Great Grandma set the table with the help of the kids.

We sat down and Ron, my father-in-law, was nominated to pray for dinner.

He stood up: “Lord, thank you for my darlingface (his pet name for Gwen) … ” And then stopped. Couldn’t get another word out. His eyes welled up and that was it.

Not an amen. Nothing else. Just a moment of … unquestionable Love.

It was one of the most beautiful prayers I’ve ever heard.

* * * *

Idelette’s note: This picture was taken last summer during our sisters’ weekend at Linwood House.

  • Tina

    Wow. I love that…..

    The prayer actually trumped the menu. How is that even possible?

  • alie

    Aaah! So beautiful and precious is adoration and LOVE ….. I am touched.