My One Word for 2011


I have been doing the One Word thing for many years. It’s the word I want to frame my year around … the word I believe God is wanting me to focus on for the year.

The word I need to learn.

The word I need to do.

The word I want to be.

I’ve noticed this wonderful swell of consciousness around choosing ONE WORD. Rather than New Year’s Resolutions or goals, one word is a place of focus. Obviously, this is a Spirit thing and I love it. Alece is doing it and a hundred+ with her. Lindsey is doing it. We’re doing it on SheLoves, thanks to Sarah. And Sarah was inspired by Ann.

It’s beautiful.

Which brings me to my word for 2011:


Yes, roar. For now I am just sitting with the word, swirling it around inside of me … getting used to it. Roar feels big and like I would have to really grow into it. I would have to open my mouth wide and put all my strength into it.

I will unpack it more over here in the next while.

But for now, I simply know it’s my word for 2011. I know that I know that I know.

So … Roar.

Question: Do you have your word?

  • Mike Todd


  • Angela Doell

    Thank you so much Idelette for your generosity with this blog + shelovesmagazine. It’s a gift to me. I’ve just cracked open a new journal in an attempt to find clarity in the blur that was 2010 – and locate my heart and dreams for 2011… and your words have helped give me a kick in the bum to get on it. Roar, indeed. :)

    OK, so my word came to me last night: Raw. It’s been an uncomfortable, painful season in our lives and so I feel tender, exposed, raw. Feeling broken is a blessing, though, in that I’ve never been more dependant Jesus or more in awe of His grace – I’m so lost without Him, without any hope other than His promises. And so raw also speaks to the intensity I feel — fresh faith, everything else stripped away, trusting Him because I must. A good place to start this new year.

  • Michele Henter

    Unclutter – it’s time to simplify, clean house, purge, simplify….

  • Alece

    dang i love that! ROAR. i can’t wait to hear you unpack that because… wow. there is so much in that regal roar of yours…

  • Helen Burns

    Thanks Idellete… once again your words provoke me to think and capture what my heart is feeling. I took some time today to get quiet and process some of my thoughts as life has been rather full on and I haven’t really just stopped to ‘think about what I have been thinking about’. Your words and Angela’s words have touched a tender and deep place in my heart.

    My one word is RISE. I must keep standing up, I must be alert, I must engage, I must increase, and must push through the barriers and limitations of complacency, comfort and conformity. There is too much at stake….

    But as I RISE, I want to rise with wings as eagles…not my own strength but HIS. And as I do I will walk and not be weary, and I will walk and not faint…my youth shall be renewed as the eagles.

    So roar my sister roar….and I shall rise. xoxo

  • idelette

    Your words are really stirring me, everyone. Thank you so much for sharing. Wow.

    Mike, maybe I just want the brand new operating system, but that’s me. I appreciate how you are willing to work with what’s already there and be patient with the change.
    Angela, thank you for your honesty. What a great word … Last year Tina & I were talking about the word “raw” and she commented that it’s also a format for images. I like how that also works with you, the artist.
    Michele, that is such an important part of the journey. Cleaned out the pantry today; not that I’d planned on it. Think that counts!
    Ooo, Alece. Thank you … you made me giggle … uproariously. : )
    Helen, when I hear you say “Rise” it creates a very powerful image in my spirit. Very powerful. Watch out 2011.

  • Shelagh


    This is there year we’re going to make it happen.

    “Fulfillment of all the promises,” says the Father, “learn them, they’re yours”… “Yes, even that one”

    And then I pray, like a child, for healing for my friend. “You said, she’s healed. You said.” I use my matter of fact little girl voice and I hear the Father chuckling softly.

    It’s exciting to me, to think about how much is possible. To know that the words that I have heard from the Father are going to come to pass. To know that the fulfillment of my dreams is at hand. To know that every promise He has made is mine to claim and walk in. To know that, in all of it, through all of it, I will be fulfilled, satisfied, complete.

  • Susan Elizabeth Ball

    I love reading every words and how they chose them. Unclutter would be a good one for me, but right now I’m leaning toward Delight, as in “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. We’ve been through some rough times with my husband being unemployed for the last two years, and it’s starting to really get me down. I want to desire God’s best for me and to have the true joy that can only come from delighting myself in Him.

  • kimmanleyort

    I just love the intention behind choosing a word. And roar is just an amazing one to choose. Mine is fearless, a big step for me.

  • idelette

    Fulfillment … Shelagh … your honesty bless me. Thank you. I am praying with you.
    Susan, delight is one of my favorite words. You can’t say it or read it and not be filled with the hope in it. I stand with you on that one for you & your husband.
    Kim, thank you for stopping by! I loved your year in photos, btw … Beautiful. Fearless is a roar word. Whooot!

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  • Sarah@EmergingMummy

    Now THAT is a word for a way of life! I almost feel like hollering “Yeah!” over that.

    • idelette

      Thank you, Sarah!

  • neritia

    Doelbewus / Deliberate

    That’s my word to embrace in 2011!

    Love your word… reminds me of that book ” Lioness Arising”.

    So while you ROAR…..I’ll purpose myself through the year! Love you lots!!!

    • idelette

      “Doelbewus” is so ‘n goeie woord. An awareness of your deep desires & goals. I like it. Do you know the goals you want to focus on/be deliberate about? Maybe a Skype visit some time? Wil bietjie hoor van jou Desember & jou projek! xoxo

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