I am a Writer: Making My Statement to a Windy Hallway and a Cold Dismissal

Yesterday, I joined Jeff Goins’ 15-Day Writing Challenge: Mastering the Habits of Great Writers. Today’s challenge is on The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes. I don’t struggle with calling myself a writer. I took the leap into this identity as writer–standing in that simple, yet audacious statement–in 1999. Even though I thought this was my […]

Twenty girls, two different rooms.

Two small rooms. The one is empty, except for the sparse furniture, and intends to tell the story of 20 girls who were trafficked from Ghana and Togo to New Jersey. They were forced to work 14 hours a day, braiding hair with no pay. According to the judge who sentenced their traffickers, the girls’ […]

Yes, I secretly want to be a man.

Had fish tacos and shared Singaporean vermicelli noodles with the lovely Tina Francis last night. She’s challenging me to write shorter pieces. Post daily. Ask provocative questions. I am needing a major shift … away from every 1,200-word magazine article or 800-word column I’ve ever read. Away from every secret desire to be New York […]