Words, Morgan Freeman & Amnesty International

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Amazon & The P–ophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure

Update: 10:39pm: Yes, yes, yes! We did it! A collective ROAR through the various networks did it. The link no longer works, so Amazon must have removed the content in question. Jody, in the last comment on this post, reported over 1,200 negative reviews on the Amazon.com site, so yes, yes, yes! (At the time […]

Human Trafficking Awareness & Action

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Some facts about Human Trafficking or modern-day slavery: 27 million people are enslaved on the earth today. 80 percent are women. 50 percent are children. What is Human Trafficking? According to the United Nations, human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, within national or across international borders for […]

Intimidation, Identity and the Value of a Woman

“If I kill a dog, I will get in trouble. If I kill you, I won’t get in any trouble. No one knows you are here. You don’t exist.” These threats were made by a human trafficker to Flor, a 37-year-old survivor of modern American slavery, who arrived in the U.S. to earn money after […]

Malalai Joya in Vancouver: Canadian Launch of A Woman Among Warlords

This Saturday, Malalai Joya will be in Vancouver to launch her book A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice. 7p.m., St. Andrew’s – Wesley Church 1022 Nelson St, at the corner of Burrard Suggested Donation: $5-10 All proceeds will go towards Joya’s humanitarian projects. If you […]