Teenage Girls Undergo 'Breast Ironing' In Cameroon


Teenage Girls Undergo ‘Breast Ironing’ In Cameroon (VIDEO).

One in four girls in Cameroon are affected by the brutal practice of “breast ironing.” The procedure involves flattening a young girl’s growing breasts with hot objects to try and keep the breasts from growing. It’s a desperate attempt to curb the country’s high number of teenage pregnancies and keep the girls safe from possible sexual assault.

Here’s the video: (Warning: content may be inappropriate for younger viewers)

  • Daniela

    Trying to imagine a fear big enough to drive a mother to this. My heart breaks for these girls and their mothers.

  • http://tinafrancis.tumblr.com/ Tina

    I’m at work and haven’t seen the video yet. But just reading the title gave me chills.