The Candy Shop: Creepy Fairytale/Movie with a Powerful Message about Human Trafficking


I still have goosebumps after watching this trailer for the upcoming release of The Candy Shop, a fairytale-style short film about child sexual exploitation.

The line that gripped me? “If there wasn’t such a need, there wouldn’t be so much business, now would there?”

Reminds me of something Benjamin Perrin said Monday night at the launch of Invisible Chains: “We need to get serious about demand.” While this movie is set in a 1930s candy shop and was shot in Atlanta to raise awareness of this city’s dirty secrets, it’s the reality for millions all over the world: Girls (and boys) are lured into the Candy Shop and they don’t come out.

Check out the official site for this movie. You can also read more about it at

  • Tina

    *Shudder*….If only the world could feel the urgency and desperation the little boy feels to this devastating crime….