The Great Room: You feel the Love …


Elizabeth was my first Downtown Eastside hug many years ago and she’s a friend. This weekend she has also been my own personal “radical hostess,” showing me around her community.

The Great Room, the sacred space run by Linwood House Ministries, is a big part of her life here and I love what she’s got to say:

  • Erin Wilson

    Elizabeth is an extraordinary woman :)
    Thank you for posting this. It’s so good to “see” her again.

    And a real testament to those who are based out of the Great Room. The women in that neighbourhood can smell a fake a dozen blocks away. The love must be genuine, or they’d know.

  • idelette

    So true, Erin. So true …

  • Tina

    I remember her from the last event I attended at the Great Room. Elizabeth was such a ball of energy that evening. Warm and delicious. I just remember wanting to hug her…

    “Family Cultural Centre” I love that.