There is now no excuse for murder.


Tinyiko Sam Maluleke brings a voice of Reason to the political and emotional landscape of South Africa, walking out the death of white supremacist Eugene Terre’blanche.

A few great snippets:

    • “Like many in this country – black and white – I was appalled by and opposed to the political ideals for which Eugene Terre’Blanche stood. But there is no reason under the sun, for a man to be attacked and killed in his own home. Not for who he is. Not for his views. Not for his possessions. Not for his deeds. Not even for his debts. There is no excuse for murder.”
    • “Coming as we do from a divided past there will be many songs and slogans – on both sides – which once made sense, but will now not sit comfortably in the bosom of the new South Africa. Such songs and slogans – regardless of which side of the divide they come from – rightfully belong to the Apartheid museum.”
    • “The time has come for all of us to raise the level of discourse, placing the interest and the future of all South Africans before personal or sectional interests.”
  • Let it be so.

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