Why I'm with Lynne Hybels.


I read Lynne Hybels‘ column in Sojourners magazine yesterday and simply couldn’t agree more … Yes, together with her husband Bill they started Willow Creek Community Church in 1975 and she’s been active there ever since, but it’s her current role that really makes me perk up: Advocate for Global Engagement. I love what she is up to, especially with women, not only in the DRC, but also in the Middle East. In fact, while relating some of it to Scott in the kitchen yesterday, I not only had goosebumps, but also tears. I don’t take these lightly.

Her latest Global Engagement column is entitled Jesus’ Best Work. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m calling you to the mission field,” I sensed God say. “I’m calling you to be a missionary to American Christians on behalf of the Middle East. I’m calling you to help move U.S. Christians toward a clearer understanding of Arab Christians and Muslims, and of the complexity and tragedy — for both Jews and Arabs — of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

I’ve only received such a definite calling three times in my life, and I don’t frequently use the phrase “God told me.” But that night God told me to be an advocate for the Arab world.

Since that night I’ve traveled to the Middle East repeatedly to learn and build relationships. I’ve met with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders in the U.S. and in the Holy Land. Together we’ve shared our dreams of two peoples — Arabs and Jews — and three faiths — Muslims, Jews, and Christians — living as equals in the Holy Land.

Perhaps most significantly, I’ve been invited into an ongoing conversation between Christians and Muslims committed to reconciliation and peacemaking. Together we’ve lamented the eroding of Christian-Muslim relationships in the U.S. following the hostile debate about the Cordoba House project in New York City and the Quran burning threatened on Sept. 11. Together we’ve prayed for the American, Israeli, and Palestinian leaders engaged in current peace talks. Together we’ve hoped that throughout the world, the best of faith will win out over the worst of religion.

I am following her journey with great interest. If you’d like to read more of what she has to say, try this one:

I am still pro-Israel, but I’ve also become pro-Palestinian.

Nice girls, I agree, don’t change the world.

Question: Thoughts?