'Women for Sale' store highlights sex trafficking in Israel; Taking Action in Canada


An installation of real women for sale is getting many second looks at a mall in Tel Aviv. WomanToGo is a display of women with a price tag that includes age, weight, measurements and country of origin to draw attention to Israel’s problem with human trafficking.

What I like is that this campaign puts a lot of emphasis on demand. “It aims to collect enough signatures to pressure the Israeli justice ministry to back legislation that makes it a crime for men to go to prostitutes,” CNN reported..

Here in Canada, abolitionists are also pushing for the Swedish model for change.

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Speaking of Canada, I am still boycotting Craigslist. And it really sucks. I’ll just say that. But girls being sold through this “Walmart of sex trafficking” is way worse than my convenience. So, if you could please sign this petition for Craigslist to end their erotic services section in Canada now, not only would I appreciate it, but the women and girls sold as commodities as we speak, would too.

Please sign the petition here now.

  • Tina

    Graphic but powerful. Would have been interesting to film the crowd’s reaction to the girls…