Work, Interrupted.


So many of Jesus’ miracles happened along the way While he was going somewhere else, doing something else, giving attention to someone else.

– There’s the woman with the issue of blood, reaching through the crowd to touch Jesus’ robe, while he’s on his way to see Jairus’ daughter.

– There’s the Syro-Phoenician woman tugging at his robe, begging on behalf of her demon-possessed daughter.

– Then there’s Mary who interrupts the itinerary at Lazarus’s home, pouring out nard over Jesus’ feet and wiping his feet with her hair.

I can’t help but love how Jesus honored these women who asked for his attention, with his attention.

Today a friend asked for my attention. I had an hour to load up a post, respond to many many emails, think through an event, give an estimate … It seemed like important work. And yet … when she reached out, I wondered: Perhaps this could be the more important thing.

And it was.

She blessed me with her words and her vulnerability. I sat in my Starbucks office, sipping on a soy latte with tears welling up in my eyes over the sacred connection of the moment.

Turning my face to my friend invited in the holy.

Life paused.

This definitely was the more important thing.

She was blessed, I believe. But I think pausing, slowing down, breathing, being present with, giving of myself and connecting, really connecting, blessed me even more.




  • Justine

    Being more task oriented, I struggle with this tension between task and people all the time. I’m slowly learning to rejoice at the end of the days where I have been given the gift of real and meaningful connections with others and with God, even if my check list didn’t get accomplished. Thank you for remind me so poignantly (and succinctly I must say!) of the blessing of being still, and being with, God and others.

    • idelette

      Ahhhh, “succinctly”! The power of a deadline, I have to admit. I had to run to go get the kids, so I had only a few minutes to write it. I literally ran to my one girl’s classroom to pick her up. I toyed with the idea of finding an image first and publishing it later in the afternoon, but in the end I decided to just ship it. Yay for keeping it succinct and for shipping.

  • Erin Wilson

    I’ve always appreciated the expression ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’. I know I’ve missed on so much by working on tasks that just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Always glad for the reminder to re-focus.

  • idelette

    It’s a good reminder, especially when I tend to be task-, not people-focused. I’m believing the years are smoothing over my task-y edges …