Writer Voices Rising: Want to Join Us?


I came home from Africa this time with a sense that I wanted–and needed–to get back into writing. I’ve spent most of the past two years editing and managing and calling out other friends’ voices. It’s been a beautiful, deeply rewarding process. I absolutely love what is happening on SheLoves. I love that we have a space where we can tell our belly stories …

But it was time for me to start writing again. I came home and started quietly writing 1,000 words a day. Just for me. Practicing the craft.

Then, on Tuesday, I saw Jeff Goins’ email about a 15-Day Writing Challenge: Mastering the Habits of Great Writers. I had just read his e-book while in South Africa and figured–if I’m going to be writing anyway–why not just do it and get into the habit? Why not dust off the personal blog.

My Old Story would have done it alone. But so much has shifted in me these past two years. Being part of a community of women on SheLoves–with deep friendships nurtured–plus our weekly LifeWomen meetings, I have come to treasure the beauty of Sisterhood. Of friendship. Of permission to be my true self. Sometimes too much. Other time not enough. Most times too serious. Mostly passionate. In love with God. Awakening as a Jesus Feminist. (Isn’t that just the most wonderful gobsmacking title coined by Sarah Bessey for her upcoming book?)

With friends by my side, I’ve felt my shoulders go down. I’ve been letting the pressure of having to perform and thereby earn approval, go. I’ve embraced being enough. Just that. Simply.

So, on the same whim that I signed up for the challenge, I called Daniela who’d just started her new blog last week. I figured she might want to get into the habit of writing together. She did. So we leaped and wrote our first post yesterday.



Tara Robinson tweeted back that she was in already.

I liked what the process–the decision–was doing for me. I wondered if some of my other friends wanted to be in.

I called Jen Veasey.

And Sarah Anderson.

Then Claire DeBoer.

And I just saw Justine Hwang is doing it too.

I’m hoping Michele Henter will join us too. Nudge-nudge.

If your heart is beating wildly right about now, come join us!

And Let’s Make a List

If you are doing it too, please leave your name and link in the comments section, so we can encourage and support each other through this process.

There’s still time to:

1. Join here!

2. Sign up for Jeff’s daily emails.

3. Write your declare post.

4. Leave your name and bloglink in the comments, so we can encourage and support each other.



  • http://www.smoochesfromheaven.com Michele Henter

    looks like I’m in….knees shaking, palms sweaty, heart pounding…

    • idelette

      That is perfect … ready for the race! Here we go!!!!

  • http://aglowingember.blogspot.com Carolynn Anctil

    I don’t know why this invitation scares me so much. I’m taking that as a sign that it’s the right path to choose. I’m in…eek.

    • idelette

      Excellent! Woooooooot!

  • http://goinswriter.com Jeff

    Great to have you!

    • idelette

      Thank you for visiting!

  • http://ubuntina.wordpress.com neritia

    OK – I’m in…..off to bed now….but yes, include me!

    • idelette


  • http://www.clairejdeboer.com Claire De Boer

    Woo-hoo – we’re building a cohort! Love your post darlin’. 1,000 words a day – that’s amazing :-)

  • idelette

    Thank you, my friend. I’m struggling today, though. Jeepers. To divert my attention, I am creating a facebook group, so we can keep track of each other. xoxo

  • http://freedombeautytruth.blogspot.com/ Anonymous

    oh dear I am a bit late, and not sure if this is open to strangers, and sitting here holding my gorgeous 3 month old daughter, wondering if I will find the time consistently…but would love to try…going to look for more details from the other posts now ;D