Yes, I secretly want to be a man.


Had fish tacos and shared Singaporean vermicelli noodles with the lovely Tina Francis last night. She’s challenging me to write shorter pieces. Post daily. Ask provocative questions. I am needing a major shift … away from every 1,200-word magazine article or 800-word column I’ve ever read. Away from every secret desire to be New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof. Away from Achiever girl who wants to write Pulitzer-winning pieces, so ends up with weeks of silence instead. Ok, I said it.

I feel lighter.

Question: So if you’d prefer not to tell me your secret dream, what question would YOU ask with this? What would you like to talk about when you read this little snippet?

  • Tina Francis

    My secret dream is to:
    Have a way with words like Maya Angelou.
    Be able to take pictures like Joey L.
    Be able to sing like India Arie
    And have a body like Angelina Jolie. 😉

  • Frances Stone

    So true, that’s why I haven’t blogged a single entry yet!! I think they are supposed to be “perfect” so since I can’t do that, I compose, but don’t publish a thing. Thank you for your honesty, helps me to be honest. As for what I secretly want to be? Made perfect in love. Whole. Complete. Lacking and wanting for nothing but what I alreadly have. Healthy. Peaceful. Living in the rest and harmony of God’s provision, righteousness, forgiveness and love. All I have to do is connect with Him and receive it, but I don’t. I fear it as much as I want it.

  • Sharlynne Pickering

    and so goes the story of my life! Thanks for sharing Idelette, I can so relate with that in so many different areas of my life!
    ps. the new Big Ridge has fish tacos and they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love YOu:)

  • lynne

    I think that’s why I never started a blog, thought I had to write long brilliant posts, I like your thinking!
    My secret dream is to give it all up, and live like Mother Teresa.

  • idelette

    I never knew that, Lynne. I love you as Mother Teresa.

    Sharlynne, guess where we were!

    Frances, I love your honesty. Yep, we all struggle with hitting publish … Seth Godin calls it “shipping.”

    Tina, that made me smile deep inside.

    Love you, girls. Thank you!